Violin saddle style dating

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The modern soundboard is designed to withstand the pressure of metal strings that would break earlier instruments.The soundboard comes in many shapes—but generally round or teardrop-shaped, sometimes with scrolls or other projections.Bactria and Gandhara became part of the Sasanian Empire (224–651 AD).Under the Sasanians, a short almond shaped lute from Bactria came to be called the barbat or barbud, which was developed into the later Islamic world's oud or ud.Pre-mandolin instruments were quiet instruments, strung with as many as six courses of gut strings, and were plucked with the fingers or with a quill.

Neapolitan mandolins feature prominently in European classical music and traditional music.

Mandolins evolved from the lute family in Italy during the 17th and 18th centuries, and the deep bowled mandolin, produced particularly in Naples, became common in the 19th century. 13,000 BC, a cave painting in the Trois Frères cave in France depicts what some believe is a musical bow, a hunting bow used as a single-stringed musical instrument.

In turn, this led to being able to play dyads and chords.

; literally "small mandola") is a stringed musical instrument in the lute family and is usually plucked with a plectrum or "pick".

It commonly has four courses of doubled metal strings tuned in unison (8 strings), although five (10 strings) and six (12 strings) course versions also exist.

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Some modern Brazilian instruments feature an extra fifth course tuned a fifth lower than the standard fourth course.