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But on Ashley Madison, Wasserman found this wasn't the case.

Fast-forward to my late teens and early twenties, aka the dating years, where I received a cold, hard dose of what being bisexual meant in real life. There were straight people and there were gay people.Conventional wisdom holds that people seek affairs because they're dissatisfied at home.But when it came to AM users, this wasn't the case, Wasserman said.It makes sense that someone who would never initiate an affair in real life might create an account out of curiosity, then find themselves going down a slippery slope."You're not saying, 'I want to kiss the secretary,' or, 'I want to have sex with my colleague after work,'" Wasserman said. It's technology that has brought something out of us we didn't knew we had." Wasserman was surprised to find that many people on Ashley Madison were content to carry on online-only affairs — and their mental health might have benefited.

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