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Jessica lowndes and tristan wilds dating

Suspecting he might propose, Silver convinces Ade to come clean about her affair with Taylor.Annie confronts Riley about standing her up for wrongly suspecting that Annie is uncomfortable with his disability.All in all, it's just another day in the world's most famous zip code.Season 5, Episode 1 CCTV-14HD Naomi and Max make some big plans that go horribly awry when they both get arrested and land in jail.Alec ignores Naomi's gestures to make nice, so Naomi poses as a wealthy investor and lures him to her yacht for a phony business meeting.The two reach an agreement to get along, and Alec spontaneously kisses Naomi, which she rebuffs.Season 5, Episode 2 CCTV-14HD Naomi and Max's honeymoon plans are put on hold after Alec informs Max that his whirlwind wedding has caused a public relations problem and lowered their tech company's stock price.Naomi decides to throw a high-class reception to reassure Max's investors that their marriage isn't a cause for concern.

Meanwhile, Max tries to figure out how his company's video game technology got hacked, so Naomi and Alec work together to demo a new video game at Phenomi-con.

Season 5, Episode 5 CCTV-14HD As Dixon continues to recuperate, Adrianna confides in Annie that she and Dixon are having intimacy issues.

Annie grows closer to Colin, but Riley suspects that Colin isn't who he appears to be.

Colin discovers that Alex installed a GPS tracking app on Naomi's phone so he can track her whereabouts, but Colin reconfigures her phone so she can secretly read Alec's emails.

Navid hopes to show Silver how successful he's become with the launch of the Pop Up, but he becomes suspicious that Silver and Liam are secretly seeing each other. Season 5, Episode 6 CCTV-14HD Liam and Lindsey keep their relationship under wraps, but when Navid's jealous streak gets the best of him, he arranges for Liam and Lindsey's sex tape to be shown in place of Liam's movie premiere at Phenomi-com.

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The fifth season of 90210 follows the group from West Beverly as they navigate life after high school.

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