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He was well aware about porn-addiction and the depression it can cause.I'm "clean" for about 24 hours now and it's not easy...Gradually the word is getting out that too much porn can cause sexual performance problems and loss of attraction to real partners.In 2016, a urologist finally gave a presentation on porn-induced sexual dysfunctions at a national urology conferences. Also see - Porn-Induced ED in the Media: Primarily Experts beginning to catch up with today's reality of unprecedented rates of sexual dysfunctions in men under 40.

Anyway hearing that from a medical professional really helped my resolve and I thought I would share it.

So either we are just having huge effects from increasing toxins that are in our world that affect men (which may play a part and is possible) or (more likely) this porn stuff is REALLY screwing with us.

He also mentioned that although a lot of these patients have lower than normal T levels, they aren't low enough that they should be seriously complaining about ED. Interestingly, he said that he is very interested in all of this new thinking about how excessive porn use can cause ED.

I started noticing loss of morning erections as well as a low sex drive in general.

It got to a point where I could only get wood if I was watching some hardcore porn.

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Luckily my urologist is aware of PIED and shares my opinion that porn is the problem.

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