Gridview not updating on edit

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This means that we can be certain that the last scenario won't unfold.

He clicks the Edit button and starts to make his change. Will "Scott's Tea" be: The way the Sql Data Source control and Grid View work by default is to update all editable fields, regardless of whether they've been modified by the user or not.Optimistic assumes that concurrency violations are rare and that if such an error occurs that it's adequate to ask one of the conflicting parties to re-enter their information.Pessimistic concurrency, on the other hand, implements policies to ensure that concurrency violations cannot occur.If you complete your purchase process by the deadline, the seat is yours.If you fail to complete the purchase by then - either because you go out to lunch or are just too slow in entering your information - the seat is "unlocked" and returned to the general pool. NET does not offer any built-in support for pessimistic concurrency control.

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" One challenge with pessimistic concurrency control is knowing when a user is truly done editing the records.

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