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While continuing to educate himself in filmmaking techniques, Cameron started working as a miniature model maker at Roger Corman Studios.Making rapidly produced, low-budget productions taught Cameron to work efficiently.That way I could sit down and read it, and if they'd let me photocopy it, I would.If not, I'd make notes." When Cameron read Syd Field's book Screenplay, it occurred to him that integrating science and art was possible, and he wrote a 10-minute science-fiction script with two friends, titled Xenogenesis.

Cameron spent the entire day sailing around the resort, reproducing the lighting but still failed to get the close-up.

In total, Cameron's directorial efforts have grossed approximately US billion in North America and US billion worldwide.

Not adjusted for inflation, Cameron's Titanic and Avatar are the two highest-grossing films of all time at .19 billion and .78 billion respectively.

Cameron also holds the distinction of having directed two of the three films in history to gross over billion worldwide.

In October 2013, a new species of frog Pristimantis jamescameroni from Venezuela was named after him in recognition of his efforts in environmental awareness, in addition to his public promotion of veganism.

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After working in special effects, he found major success after directing and writing the science fiction action film The Terminator (1984).

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