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Turkey initially cut the flow of water into Syria at the beginning of May for six days.

In June, the government decreased the river flow gradually until it was stopped completely by the middle of the month.

The RMC also noted that the water level lake has dropped by 1.6 billion cubic metres; the report condemns Turkey for the suffering caused to the people of Raqqa.It is the largest man-made lake in Syria at 85km long; until recently it held more than 14.2 billion cubic metres of water.The lake and hydro-electric power station on its dam is the source of water and electricity to Raqqa and eastern Aleppo.In the graph market, AWS will encounter more than a few competitors.Besides large relational database players -- both IBM and Microsoft launched new graph databases based on open source technologies this year -- Amazon joins a group of smaller graph technology purveyors that could use a hand in evangelizing the technology.

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In the past, Turkey denied that the Euphrates is an international river and that Syria and Iraq had any rights over the control of the flow.

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