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Anomaloskop online dating

A list of the more commonly found ab- breviations is appended. Other terms were of such limited use in the pathological field that they could not find a place in 1 this more general vocabulary. The list leans heavily on two glos- saries that have already been published — one by Judd 1 and the other by Titchener.2 But it has been much amplified and brought up to date. We should also note that the usual difficulty of transferring con- cepts from one language into another was encountered. 3 Several translations in which the compiler was^ engaged have 1 Judd, C. In some cases it is almost impossible to supply a single term for some of the tech- nical words. so let’s start: I’d like first to apologize for the typos I might have… nobody’s perfect) and I’m pretty much new in this country (I’ve been around for 2 years). • The 10 best dating profile examples for men • For Men, Ages: 20’s, 30’s, 40’s & 50’s •, e Harmony, ok Cupid, JDate & POF profile examples • A woman’s perspective on these profiles • Then I personally help fix Ok…

PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOGY UNIVERSITY OP IOWA ATHENS PEESS IOWA CITY, IOWA &F*i \ Copyright 1928 By Christian A. Psy choanal., 1924, and the Psychologisches Worterouch, by F. H., Wundt's Outlines of Psychology (trans.) 3rd Rev. This has already been noted by Titchener* in his list. The compiler has here given the closest approximations which in many instances are further defined by the use of modifying adjectives or supplementary phrases. In the Romance languages, especially in French, with rare exceptions the words are not strikingly different from our own terminology. In addition, some of the simpler words, like Akkord, Art, Gang, Last, List, and Lust have a meaning often quite different from their English forms. Some of the words found in these sources were excluded on the basis of the general principle that terms which were approximate transliterations did not require special translation. Not only are the German terms structurally unlike our own, giving no cue whatsoever to their intrinsic meaning, but the practice of making continuous compounds often con- fuses the student. With this situation in view the writer has compiled the following vocabulary. furnished many terms and his colleagues on the staff have been of valuable assistance in suggesting other terms to be translated.

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Zu- stand) gratification, satisfaction aptitude desire intense or impulsive desire, lust concomitant, or accompanying phenomenon comprehension concept, definition, idea conceptual conceptual feeling affirmation assertion feeling of familiarity quality of contents as known or quality of knownness (probably better than familiar- ity) conversion handicap, defect, (literally: loading, weight- ing) illumination impaired, put at a disadvantage observation error of observation intoxication calculation preparedness, disposition quiescent feeling 11 Beruhrungsassoziation Beriihrungsempfindung Beschaffenheit Beschleunigung Beschranktheit Beschrankung Beschworung Beseeltsein Besessenheit Besetzung Besonnenheit Bestandteil Bestimmung Betaubung Betonung Betrachtung Betrachtungsweise Beweggrund Beweglichkeit Bewegung Beweis Bewilligung Bewunderung Bewusstheit Bewusstsein Bewusstseinsinhalt Bewusstseinslage Beziehung Beziehungsgesetz Bilderschrift Bildung Blickbewegung Blickfeld association by contiguity sensation of contact state, constitution, nature acceleration feeblemindedness, restricted condition curtailment, limitation, restriction exorcism mentality obsession cathexis discretion constituent part determination narcosis accentuation reflective cognition, observation, point of view point of view, manner of observation reason for action mobility movement proof, evidence assent admiration 'thought' as mental element consciousness content of consciousness mental attitude, an abbreviated but compre- hensive cognitive experience relation law of relation pictograms, hieroglyphics formation eye -movement field of regard (also, of consciousness, in Wundt) 12 Blicklinie Blickpunkt Blindheit Blutgefass Bogengang Brennend Briicke Chromatismus line of regard (practically identical with. Fixationspunkt) , also focus (of attention) in Wundt blindness blood vessel semicircular canal pungent, burning pons Varoli photism Damonisch Darbietung Darbietungsmethode Darstellung Dauer Deckbild Deckerinnerung Deckpunkte Demut Denken Denkvermogen Deprimierendes Gef iihl Deszendenztheorie Determinierende Tendenz Deutliehkeit Deutschrei Differenzierung Differenzton Ding sensitiveness to spiritual values exposition, exposure method of presentation representation duration congruent image (^Gunzbild) screen-memory congruent points (sometimes = identical or corresponding) humility reasoning, thought elaboration, faculty of reasoning feeling of depression doctrine of evolution (descent) determining tendency, an assumed physiolog- ically controlling agency distinctness (for Kiilpe = Klarheit; for Wundt, different, v.