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In assessing the nature of any particular behaviour, it is essential to look at the facts of the actual relationship between those involved. There will also be an imbalance of power if the young person's sexual partner is in a position of trust in relation to them e.g. (and thereby committing an offence under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 irrespective of the age of the victim).

Power imbalances are very important and can occur through differences in size, age and development and where gender, sexuality, race and levels of sexual knowledge are used to exert such power. In the assessment, workers need to include the use of sex for favours e.g.

This study involved more than 3,200 women ages 18 or older who reported problems of sexual desire, arousal, and/or orgasm that they found troubling.

Just over one third of these women sought out help for their sexual problem from a healthcare provider, usually a gynecologist or primary care physician.

The Act includes 3 new categories of offences to provide additional protection.

Under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, children under the age of 13 are considered of insufficient age to give consent to sexual activity.

To complete the test, answer each question by placing a check next to the appropriate yes/no column.The previous pages in this section discussed how common individual sexual problems are among women at midlife and beyond.Taken together, scientific studies suggest that between a third and a half of peri- and postmenopausal women experience one or more of the sexual problems discussed earlier.exchanging sex for clothes, CD's, trainers, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc.If the young person has a learning disability, mental disorder or other communication difficulty, they may not be able to communicate easily to someone that they are, or have been abused, or subjected to abusive behaviour.

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Despite popular perceptions, many men and women remain sexually active well beyond midlife and into old age.